• Waiau Waterfall

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309 Road

The 309 Road is a gravel road which takes you on a journey through dense bushland with spectacular views as you follow alongside the river. As you progress through the 309 Road there are a number of sites to stop off at along the way.


The road is just 22 km long and connects the East and West side of the peninsula together . . . . known as the alternative Coromandel/Whitianga road.

Sites of interest:

The Waterworks - With over 70% of all materials used at the Waterworks being recycled,re-used or reinvented - this truly is the quirkiest Theme Park in New Zealand!

Castle Rock - Castle Rock is located approx 9km south east of Coromandel Town. Castle Rock is the core of an old volcano that rises above the bush on the backbone of the Peninsula.

Stu's Wild Pigs - Famous throughout the region, Stu lives 3km along the 309 Road. His place is home to over 100 wild pigs, peacocks and an assortment of other animals.

The Kauri Grove - At 7.9km along the 309 Road, the Kauri Grove is a wonderful place to visit. This spectacular group of Kauri trees feature 13 massive specimens and twin Kauri all viewed up close and personal.

The Waiau Waterfall - Waiau Falls is right beside the road at 14.8 km. It is a beautiful bush glade where the Waiau Stream crashes over a rock face into the pool below. There are access tracks both upstream and down — another place for a swim!


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